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Do You Owe More on Your House Than it's Worth?

Dear Distressed Homeowner,

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage, but can't sell your house because you owe more than it's worth? Maybe it's because your income dropped, or your mortgage payments went up, or you've had unexpected expenses. People in this situation often feel trapped and powerless, held hostage by the banks, and even feel a sense of shame. You're not alone. In 2014, 24% of mortgages in Western Washington were underwater — that's more than 300,000 homes.

We specialize in helping people like you to see that there are ways out of this situation that don't end in financial ruin. Our mission is to educate and inform you about ALL of your options, and coach you to successfully navigate the path that's right for you.

We will give you the straight dope, the nuts-and-bolts about the laws, the tax issues, the credit implications, and the timelines. We will teach you how the system works, the hoops the banks want you to jump through, and how to "play the game" and win.

This is all we do, and we've been doing it for over five years. We level the playing field and give you a fair chance to succeed. Hundreds of local families have secured the financial outcome they were looking for, thanks to our help and guidance.

Don't drain your retirement account to pay the mortgage on your underwater house. Call us first and let us help you!

Call us now for a free, 15-minute phone consultation, find out what your options really are, and start sleeping better tonight.

Howard Bono

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Schedule your FREE, 15-minute phone consultation now by calling The Financial Revival Group at
425-259-2600 or CLICK HERE to email a request.


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